Post Operation & Drugs

At the time of discharge, patients will receive a discharge summary with detailed instructions about testing, and a medication schedule, which should be discussed with the transplant coordinator. Patients also receive a copy of the investigation chart, and a blood sugar and blood pressure monitoring chart, which they should be familiar with and learn how to fill.

After discharge, patients are required to undergo tests and visit the post-transplant clinic every 5-7 days. They should therefore stay in the vicinity of the hospital for 4-6 weeks after discharge. The house where the patient would be staying after discharge should be prepared best to prevent incidence of infections.

Discharge from the hospital

While the patient recovers from the operation, the family should take the opportunity to learn about precautions to be taken after discharge, understand the schedule for testing and follow-up appointments, become familiar with medicines, learn about symptoms and signs of potential problems, and understand the mechanism used to contact the liver transplant team round the clock in case of urgent problems.