During the Operation

  1. The first vessels divided are the right and left branch of the hepatic artery
  2. Then the common hepatic and cystic ducts are divided also the portal vein .
  3. Hepatic veins are divided
  4. A clamp is applied to the inferior vena cava (IVC) below the liver (IVC is divided )
  5. So the liver is removed
  6. The openings of the hepatic veins and the vena cava (IVC) are made into a common channel

7. We also create a common Opening for the hepatic artery

8. A whole organ transplant is when a deceased donor has donated their for transplantation

9. Then we begin by connecting the top of the donor (IVC) to the patient’s (IVC). Then the (IVC) below the liver is connected to the patient’s IVC

  • Next the portal vein is connected, the clamps are removed. And blood flow in and out of the liver is restored.
  • Later the hepatic artery is connected

10. Lastly, we connect the bile duct. (It’s common to be in the hospital for several weeks after the operation)